People in ancient Greece created myths and legends to explain why things happened. In these stories we learn about the gods and how they had human characteristics and why we should respect them. These legends are intertwined into our society and language.  One of our favorite Greek Goddesses is Athena. She represents war, love and crafts. Other gods represented in myths and lengends we think are interesting include; Zeus and Hermes. All twelve Gods are listed below for your information: Aphrodite, Artemis, Ares, Athena  Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes,  Poseidon, and  Zeus.  Ancient Greek writers created many plays. We recommend the Cyclops  writen around 408 B.C. Other plays written include  Helen written 412 B.C and  Electra written around 420- 410 B.C. Greek plays are the foundation and starting point for many of todays writers ideas , for more plays and the dates they were written click here: 

          There were many authors in ancient Greece that  explained life They are called philosophers. Some famous authors are Demosthenes and Aristophanes. Demosthenes was an author of the first, second, third and fourth Phillips. Aristophanes wrote books of riddles and jokes, such as Dionysia and the Lenea. The most famous philosopher is Plato. Plato's most famous  book is "The Republic" it is a biography. The word "republic" is from Latin: Res publica means "public matters. If you would like to find out more about Plato`s book the The Republic:  

         Ancient Greek art started with architecture . Many features are columns, caryatids;(female staues draped in material that are made into columns), and high points in different cities called
acropolis.Types of art that existed  in ancient Greece were vases, perfume bottles, drinking goblets  and jewelry. The materials they used  include sliver, marble, clay, gold, ivory and paint. They designed scupltures of gods and heroes. In ancient Greece they did not have art in their houses but  in public places. The vases told stories. They would tell stories of heroes and how they became a hero.  Guilding, carving, and sculpting were several processes for creating art work.



This acropolis was built on top of the city to honor a God. 

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