In ancient Greece, people ate bread, olives, figs and goat cheese.The Greek diet consisted of foods that were easily raised in the rocky terrain of Greeceā€™s landscape. Breakfast was eaten just after sunrise and consisted of bread dipped in wine. Lunch was again bread dipped in wine along with some olives, figs, cheese or dried fish. Supper was the main meal of each day. It was eaten near sunset. It consisted of vegetables, fruit, fish, and possibly honey cakes. Sugar was unknown to ancient Greeks, so natural honey was used as a sweetener.

           Fish was the main source of protein in the Greek diet. Beef was very expensive, so it was rarely eaten. Beef and pork were only available to poor people during religious festivals. It was during the festivals that cows or pigs were sacrificed to the gods, and the meat was cooked and handed out to the public.They were not used to eating much meat. Meat was only for special dinners or lunches. People ate more fish and vegetables.  Fishing all along Greece's long coastline provided the fish for most meals.


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