Here is a orginal myth created by us!! 

                                                      Why Can't We Breathe Underwater?

             A long time ago everyone could breathe underwater. It was easier to get around, we could go everywhere. However,  Zeus, the god of the gods and creater of everyting was angry. Posidon, the god of the sea was also angry. Zeus was angry at the people  who did not use the land for themselves but only to eat and sleep. Posidon was mad because the people were taking advantage of the water and all of its uses.  Humans only ate and slept on land.  But, what was the point of land? The water animals were very mad that day by day more people were in the water. It was very busy in the water.  It was befuddling, there was so many people in and out of the water to eat and sleep.  Even though the humans were amiable, and did not distub the creatures however; the creatrures of the water neededpeace in their own place. 

          One day Zeus decided he would create separate worlds; he made it so that humans could not breathe underwater. All the humans found out when they woke up the next morning. When they went into the water and could not breathe under they realized their place was on land. After days of not be allowed in the water, Posidon let them back in for pleasure to swim and play. He told them that they could not take advantage of the water; they had to conserve the water.   


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