Ancient Greeks invented many useful things such as philosophy,
encyclopedias, mosaic floors, shorthand writing, libraries, columns, sculptures, and lighthouses. Encyclopedias are important because they are used to research many topics.These books are not used as much today because the internet is just as useful. Mosaic floors are important because they showed pictures of ancient times. The first Greek floor mosaics are in the temple of  Athena Pronaia at Dephi dating back to the sixth century B.C.. These floors are pebble designs made up of small stones of different colors so that pictures of people and patterns are created. Shorthand writing was important because it was used to take fast notes with abbreviations or symbols. Xenonphon, a soldier and writer from 430 - 354 B.C. was the first Greek person to create and use this system as he was writing a biography of his mentor, Socrates. More can be read about this interesting creation;

          The first lighthouse was built to warn soldiers of the dangerous  sandbars off Alexandria. The lighthouse kept the boats away, they could be seen as far away as 35 miles. Today lighthouses are still used in many fishing areas as well as many coastlines. Libraries are important because they were created for people to research topics even in Ancient Greece. Philosophy was created by Socrates as a study of existence, love, knowledge and language. Philosophy has influenced every civilization since Ancient Greece.  Columns are important because they were used to hold up many structures. There are three styles Doric (simple), Ionic (artistic) and Corinthian (modern). Finally, sculptures are important because they drew attention to the heroes and important people of the time. If people liked the sculptures, they would buy them and that would inspire the artist. Today ancient scuptures tell many stories of history and remind us of the ancient myths and gods; they are invaluable works of art.

This is a picture of a mosaic floor in ancient Greece 

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