In ancient Greece people wore clothes called tunics and togas.  Tunics are loose- fitting clothes that are worn daily. Children and men wore shorter tunics. Women wore longer ones, about  the length to their ankles.  Belts were used and tied at the  the waist ; they were usally made from rope.  Togas were worn over tunics in the winter to keep warm. The anicent Greeks wore sandals on their feet.     
     These pieces of cothing were bought and sold the market place which in ancient greece was called an agora.  Tunics came in different colors; these colors were yellow, purple, white, pink and shades of reds.  These clothes keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The material was often spun in the home or made from linen fabic that was imported.The ancient Greeks wore cloaks on hoildays and festivals.   

A picture of a man were a tunic.

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